Sep 15

Radio Bristol’s Steve Yabsley and Daughter Lizzie Say Goodbye to Gromit

Harmony Gromit gets a visit, before his sad departure, from Radio Bristol’s Steve Yabsley along with ace Gromit Trail blazer, his daughter Lizzie.


On Gromit’s last Friday with us (6th Sept 2013) Steve visited us with his family, a cameraman and a singer – not to cover the meal he had just had with us but to film his latest song “Crack Open the Booze” for You Tube.

The Beaufort became chaotic as Steve led his merry band around the pub with lead singer Dave Rogers (of 1st Take Videos fame) and cameraman Chris getting assorted customers to join in the fun.

Most affected were Marilyn and her colleagues from Sodbury and District Tangent Club who hitherto were enjoying an innocent game of skittles when in burst the carousers with Dave hugging and ‘rough kissing’ all and sundry. They then made their way around the rest of the pub, just about including everyone in their merriment.

Dave did such a good job of making people happy that there wasn’t a murmur of complaint and we’re all looking forward to the video, secretly hoping that Steve will let us view the World Premier of his drinking song in the very pub where the action took place.

We’re also hoping “Crack Open the Booze” will be a huge success, the last celebrity to perform in our Skittle Alley was Jack Whitehall and look what’s happened to him…

Sep 10

Goodbye Gromit …

Monday 9th Sept’ 2013 was a sad day for the Beaufort as we said goodbye to our Gromit.

Harmony’s 10 week stay at the pub has been magical and we made lots of friends along the way, many thanks to the Unleashed Team for supporting us and allowing us to take part.

Huge, huge thanks to the Aardman Team for making their creation available to an adoring public. Goodness knows how Bristol and the rest of the West Country will follow that…


Harmony was craned away at 10am and is shown here nuzzling Eldoradog (from Westonbirt) for their journey back to a secret location in Bristol prior to their taking part in the ‘Greatest Dog Show on Earth’.”

Sep 10

Gromit-o-Meter Final Total

Our final fund raiser for our four legged friend has, along with Gromit’s dish, firmly taken us past the £5,000 mark for the Grand Appeal. I can’t begin to thank people enough for their huge generosity and kindness.

Along the Edge with Gromit’ was always going to be our last big day and we were honoured to have our own Harmony Gromit as ‘Gromit of the day’ on the Unleashed Trail. The event was painstakingly organised by Chipping Sodbury Rotarians John Wells and Barry Riley and they were ably assisted by other members of the Club, none of whom left anything to chance.

On this event we didn’t have our usual ‘A Team’ doing the BBQ, they were replaced by our ‘Elite Team’ and what a cracking job they did, raising a massive £404.50p in the process – another record?

Hawkesbury Cricket Club kindly allowed us to use their field for overflow parking and Tom Cole lent us his gas burner to enable us to cook the onions!

Many thanks to one and all, we’re very, very grateful.

Mark, the delighted Landlord”

Elite Team BBQers

The picture features are worn out ‘Elite’ BBQ team, Lady Hyacinth (in red) alongside Mr Brightness with Jackie and Simon flanking Harmony. Daphne also starred but managed to avoid being photographed.

I don’t know who took the pic but you can see their thumb top right and they missed off Dave and Vera’s feet – many thanks…

Sep 06

Successful Hawkesbury Show 2013

Hawkesbury Show 2013 was a cracker with more people attending (or at least paying their entrance money) than ever. Hopefully bolstered by a few ‘Gromiters’ from out of town.

Harmony Gromit appeared in a few of the prize categories and actually won with Jan Treasure’s submission in the ‘Best Picture Caption’ contest.

Hawkesbury Show Winner 2013

In my defence (see photo) I think Archie was a bit bemused at being selected to help unveil Gromit just because (once again) he was the youngest in school. Don’t worry Archie, it won’t be the same this next year!

Sep 05

Along The Edge With Gromit

Sunday 8th September 2013 sees our final fundraiser for the Grand Appeal. The Beaufort Gromit Harmony will be at the centre of two walks organised by Chipping Sodbury Rotary Club.

Along the Edge poster

All participants and visitors will then be allowed to enjoy our lunchtime BBQ, for the last time you’ll be able to enjoy ‘Hot Gromits’, ‘Unleashed Burgers’ and ‘Crackin’ Cheeseburgers. All at an amazingly low price and cooked to perfection by our A Team (Lady Hyacinth et al).

Overflow parking has kindly been provided by the Cricket Club and all Barbie proceeds will go to the Grand Appeal, this will be bolstered by some of the sponsored walk money as well.

Hop to it everyone…
Along the Edge mapClick image for larger size.

Sep 04

Matthew Annual Fish & Chip Night – 2013

Beaufort regulars and friends of the Long John Silver Trust are seen here enjoying their annual Fish and Chip fundraising cruise on the Matthew of Bristol.

The Matthew’s Gromit ‘Newfoundland’ is taking centre stage, echoing our Harmony Gromit in the Beaufort’s pub garden, they should have been twinned!

Many thanks to all at the Matthew for making us so welcome once again, especially Chairman of the Matthew of Bristol Trust (and Patron of the LJST) Royston Griffey and Captain Rick Wakeham.
Click an image to enlarge:

Sep 03

Successful Gromit Hash 2013

Last Wednesday’s (28th Aug) Gromit Hash was tremendous, celebrating the Kennett and Avon’s 1200th Hash, around 60 people, young and not so young, congregated at the Beaufort to do their thing.

The Fat Controller went to a lot of trouble laying the trail around our Cotswold countryside, and one of the prizes was for the person who collected the most Gromit piccies that he had laid. The winning score was 29.

Other prizes were had for the biggest Gromit ears and for those in Gromit dress, the pub provided a buffet for the ravenous runners and the cost of this was donated to the Grand Appeal along with other donations.IMG_0848The piccie shows prize winning ‘Gazza’ and ‘Public Enemy’ resplendent in their Gromit headgear and attire.

Sep 02

Another Record Week for Gromit

Fantastic news from our Gromit-o-Meter once again, we’re now past the £4,000 mark. Each week surpasses the last and Gromit’s dish generated a massive £563.30p over the past week. Many thanks to all who have contributed.

The haul included a record Bank Holiday Monday for us and the proceeds from our ‘Gromit Hash’ (please see blog on that). Our last big push is this Sunday 8th September with ‘Along the Edge with Gromit’, it’ll be great if you can make it. Harmony will be “Gromit of the day”, especially for the occasion.

The  piccie shows landlord Mark with pal Pam giving Gromit a well-deserved drink from his donation dish.Gromit-Pam-and-Mark.jpg

Aug 26

Record Week for Gromit

gromit-cutout-2This has been a record week for Harmony Gromit’s dish with £373.80p therein, including £12 from Carol Fowler’s Gromit duvet. On top of this we had a massive £500 from one of our lunchtime regulars making a running total of £3506.45p.

Many thanks once again to all who have contributed and a special thanks to Les Trinder for repairing Gromit’s plinth (which has had a hammering with all of the thousands of visitors we’ve had).