Dec 01

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Birthday Celebrations 2014

At lunch time on November 13th we had a birthday party for Louis with most of the staff and students from PROPS and a great turn out of four Long John Silver Trustees.


For the past three weeks the PROPS students have been busy painting, pasting and putting together pictures, montages, model parrots and even a complete Treasure Island!

It’s hard to think that it all originated with Bristol’s participation in the Great Reading Adventure of 2003…


Jamie Goodenough did the brilliant picture of RLS with both T.I., Jekyll and Hyde and one of Stevenson’s poems all computer painted and, despite me telling him I thought him very talented, he profoundly disagreed.

RLSBirthday2014-2The model Treasure Island had everything; volcano, waterfall, compass rose, footsteps (a la Robinson Crusoe?), sparkly red ‘X’ marks the spot, palm trees, beach and even a shipwreck…


Three huge Cap’n Flint parrots were all different and all first rate and now decorate the Beaufort dining room.


Adam and Daniel drew pictures and then we had the piece de resistance – Long John Silver himself. Cabin boy Sam drew and painted him complete with bottle of rum, parrot and 24 buttons on his coat – imagine undoing them in a hurry. Stuart drew the shape of the island, Ryan sponge painted it, Azim found the images, cabin girl Sam drew and painted the treasure chest, cabin boy Sam sponge painted the sea (he was busy!) and Frannie helped paint the parrot.

What an effort by all the staff and students and I wonder what RLS himself would have thought of it; surely he would have been pleased.


Many thanks one and all for making it one of the most colourful birthday parties that I can ever remember going to.

Happy birthday Robert Louis Stevenson 2014.

Aug 15

Crack Open The Booze – With Dave Rogers and the Beaufort Regulars

It’s here finally!!!

The fabled music video from Radio Bristol’s Steve Yabsley (writer) and First Take Video’s Dave Rogers (singer).

Filmed last September, it’s taken until now for Steve and Dave to get it out (so to speak), a drinking song starring Beaufort regulars and Chipping Sodbury’s ‘Inner Wheel’ skittles aficionados – it’s a bit of a giggle and a great song.


If this doesn’t get people flocking back into pubs I don’t know what will…

Jun 05

‘Lardys in Lavender’

New lavender is being planted in the beer garden to replace previous lavender that had been ripped up in the ‘Lavender day massacre’ orchestrated by Mabel.

The lavender we had was beautiful and featured in the attached poster when one of our more esteemed customers landed in it!

Happy memories…

ladiesinlavender_the sequel

May 15

CAMRA Mild in May 2014

mildCelebrate Mild Month of May at the Beaufort this weekend.

We have two beers for you to try: –
‘Mildly Cyrus’ – a collaboration mild from Beerd and BBF – is 5% Vol and should get you on your very own wrecking ball…

The other is a perennial favourite from Cotswold Spring, OSM (Old Sodbury Mild) – at 3.9% Vol ideal for Old Sodbury Manoeuvres in the Dark!

Plus our friends from Bristol and District CAMRA, on their annual Mild Trail out into the wilds of South Gloucestershire, will be with us on Saturday afternoon if you fancy meeting up.


Nov 21

Sad News of our Champion Fund Raiser – Vera

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of one of our greatest, if not the greatest, of our noble band of fund raisers, that of Vera Bright, sometimes known as ‘Vee’, ‘Mrs Brightness’ or just plain old ‘Lady Hyacinth’.

I can’t remember when Vera wasn’t doing her bit for the Beaufort and helping out with all of our fundraising activities, BBQ’s for PROPS, LJST, HOGS and a host of others along with the masses of produce she made, not just for our Harvest Home but also those for the Evergreens and the Fox and Hounds, Active Turmoil.

Her ploughmans and bread-and-butter puddings were legendary and always raised a mint.

Vera was always the life and soul of the party and the Beaufort couldn’t have been more pleased than when she eloped with Mr Brightness to form their happy union – comedian Johnnie Cowlin couldn’t get over it either.

Always game for a laugh, modesty prevents me from saying what she was going to do with cricketer ‘Syd’ Lawrence and she knew lots of other celebrities as well. She also had a soft spot for the Ghurka’s (“I like those little men”) and helped raise money for them, Frenchay Cardiac Support Group and a host of others.

Even though poorly she carried on helping others right to the end, God Bless Vera, to say we’ll miss you is an understatement.

Click image to enlarge …

Oct 07

Our Thanks to All For Harmony Gromit’s Success

Before our involvement with Gromit’s Unleashed Trail becomes a distant memory, please may I thank the following media groups for their coverage, helping to make our Harmony pooch so popular: –

‘The Boundary Magazine – Yate, Chipping Sodbury and Villages’ – Editor Angie covered us several times, even making us front page on one occasion, and was forever encouraging us when we had doubts.

Boundary Magazine Front Page

‘The Sodbury Gazette’ who featured Harmony Gromit’s unveiling by Hawkesbury Primary School – Like many people they underestimated the popularity of the Trail and covered the story on page 16!

Radio Bristol’s lunchtime presenter Steve Yabsley’ who plugged and teased us on his show throughout the summer – I don’t think we were the most bizarre location Yabbo…

Hawkesbury Parish Magazine’  editors Fiona and Vicky supported us all of the way.

‘The Unleashed Team’ who made everything run so smoothly.

‘The Bristol Post’ whose coverage was second to none with pictures and news items every day. They kept up the interest from start to finish and ensured everyone smiled throughout.

Post Banner with Harmony

And last, but by no means least, our own web master Dave Hedges, who made our site one of the most visited and popular and kept up a constant stream of information regarding every Beaufort event. Dave also covers our involvement with the Long John Silver Trust, PROPS and Matthew charities and does it all for free.

Thank you all so much.

Oct 03

Gromit Auction Latest

Hawkesbury’s Rainbows have been busy doing their Guiding Gromit badge by doing various events and activities centred around our own Harmony Gromit.

Last week they did a Jumble Sale in aid of the Grand Appeal for Bristol’s Children’s Hospital and last night they made biscuits, designed their own Gromit and did a ‘find and seek Gromit’ – pictures of Harmony were spread around their meeting place and they had to find two each (they were allowed to keep one of them).

They kindly sent me one of the Gromit biscuits (please see below) and gave my wife Fiona, ‘Badger’ to the Rainbows, a special little envelope containing assorted good luck tokens for when we go to bid for Harmony tonight at the ‘Gromit Unleashed Auction’ at the Mall in Cribbs Causeway.

Girls, we’ll do our best and many thanks for everything.Good luck Gromit biscuit 001