Jul 04

Gromit Is Unveiled

After just a few days, our Beaufort Gromit has settled into his new home in the country. We’ve had lots of visitors, one keen aficionado arrived at half past midnight to take their piccie.


Gromit was unveiled by Hawkesbury Primary School on launch day of the Gromit Unleashed Trail (Monday 1st July 2013)  and we’re looking forward to his 10 week stay here.

A quick round of thank-you’s: – artist Marie Simpson for her fantastic design, Angie from Boundary magazine for her enthusiasm and the pupils from Hawkesbury.

Thanks to Dilly, our Gromit has his own drinking bowl for donations – “make a wish, and put money in the dish” or “if you don’t come in the pub, put some money in the tub”.

All donations will go directly to Gromits Grand Appeal.

We have a Gromit-o-Meter here to tell you how much money has been raised at the Beaufort since Gromit has been with us.

Jun 11

Gromit Unleashed Trail Promotion

To make the most of the Gromit Unleashed trail set to hit the streets of Bristol this summer, Destination Bristol has commissioned a series of films to promote the city.

Gromit-Group shot 1

The films use one of the giant Gromit sculptures which will form part of the trail to showcase some of the best of what we have to offer and encourage visitors from far and wide to come to Bristol.

In total there are five films being released over the next few weeks:

·        An initial trailer for the main video

·        Three teasers

·        A two-minute main feature – A Grand Tail  

As part of our marketing campaign, we’re promoting the films through our social media channels and it would be great if you could help spread the word, so we can reach as wide an audience as possible!