Sep 04

Matthew Annual Fish & Chip Night – 2013

Beaufort regulars and friends of the Long John Silver Trust are seen here enjoying their annual Fish and Chip fundraising cruise on the Matthew of Bristol.

The Matthew’s Gromit ‘Newfoundland’ is taking centre stage, echoing our Harmony Gromit in the Beaufort’s pub garden, they should have been twinned!

Many thanks to all at the Matthew for making us so welcome once again, especially Chairman of the Matthew of Bristol Trust (and Patron of the LJST) Royston Griffey and Captain Rick Wakeham.
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Sep 03

Successful Gromit Hash 2013

Last Wednesday’s (28th Aug) Gromit Hash was tremendous, celebrating the Kennett and Avon’s 1200th Hash, around 60 people, young and not so young, congregated at the Beaufort to do their thing.

The Fat Controller went to a lot of trouble laying the trail around our Cotswold countryside, and one of the prizes was for the person who collected the most Gromit piccies that he had laid. The winning score was 29.

Other prizes were had for the biggest Gromit ears and for those in Gromit dress, the pub provided a buffet for the ravenous runners and the cost of this was donated to the Grand Appeal along with other donations.IMG_0848The piccie shows prize winning ‘Gazza’ and ‘Public Enemy’ resplendent in their Gromit headgear and attire.

Aug 14

Enjoying the Entertainment

Yikes! The Gromit Open Golf Tournament was a cracker and hundreds of people enjoyed the occasion helping to make even more money for the Grand Appeal.

As usual, Vera and Dave starred on the BBQ, ably assisted by Marlene, Audrey and others – making an impressive £266.50p; the Raffle, conducted by Biggus Dickus, added a further £251. Special thanks must also go to Dick’s partner Fiona, who not only designed the poster but also helped with both the Barbie and the Raffle.

Sterling work from the Hawkesbury Open Committee consisting of Gnome, Ross and Shaun ensured that the event went without a hitch once again.

With the weekly haul in Gromit’s dish of £356.20p we had another great week for the Gromit-o-Meter
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Aug 06

Gromit Hash

gromitA ‘Gromit Hash’ is coming to the Beaufort on Wednesday 28th August 2013 at 7.30pm. It’s the 1200th run for the Kennet and Avon Hash House Harriers and they’re honouring the Beaufort with their presence.

The local Hash’s are near and dear to the Beaufort’s heart as when we were first in the pub – and struggling – they came along and helped rescue us (along with CAMRA). We’ve been great friends ever since. We did it!

Aug 05

Huge Hit With Ukelele Gromit

Our Ukulele Gromit event on 20th July 2013 was a huge hit with Hawkesbury’s own group of strummers playing for us. Many thanks to Tara and her team and also Pete’s unsuspecting father-in-law who ended up doing the Barbie – £142.80p was raised from the BBQ and Gromit had £91.50p in his dish. Well done old chums!

Jul 15

Annual Treasure Island Cruise 2013

July 11th – The Matthew’s Gromit, New Found Land, was joined by Beaufort regulars (and Long John Silver Trust members) for the annual Treasure Island Cruise aboard the Matthew, with special needs charity PROPS.
P1020912P1020890 (Above) The Beaufort Gromit is wishing the gang of cut-throats well before their journey onto the high seas of Bristol’s Floating Harbour.

Matthew - PROPS cruise (1)This year was extra special because the LJST was handing over a ‘Jolly Green Roger’ to the Matthew to help celebrate Bristol’s new status as Green Capital for 2015.

More pic’s from the day can be seen here.

Jul 10

Huge Success for “Morris and Gromit”

The Beaufort’s “Morris and Gromit” night on Monday 8th July 2013 was a huge success, more people than ever came along to see Winterbourne Down Border Morris do their thing and a great night was had by one and all.

Huge thanks must go to Roger and ‘Squire Sarah’ for organising things and being there with Gromit.