Dec 01

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Birthday Celebrations 2014

At lunch time on November 13th we had a birthday party for Louis with most of the staff and students from PROPS and a great turn out of four Long John Silver Trustees.


For the past three weeks the PROPS students have been busy painting, pasting and putting together pictures, montages, model parrots and even a complete Treasure Island!

It’s hard to think that it all originated with Bristol’s participation in the Great Reading Adventure of 2003…


Jamie Goodenough did the brilliant picture of RLS with both T.I., Jekyll and Hyde and one of Stevenson’s poems all computer painted and, despite me telling him I thought him very talented, he profoundly disagreed.

RLSBirthday2014-2The model Treasure Island had everything; volcano, waterfall, compass rose, footsteps (a la Robinson Crusoe?), sparkly red ‘X’ marks the spot, palm trees, beach and even a shipwreck…


Three huge Cap’n Flint parrots were all different and all first rate and now decorate the Beaufort dining room.


Adam and Daniel drew pictures and then we had the piece de resistance – Long John Silver himself. Cabin boy Sam drew and painted him complete with bottle of rum, parrot and 24 buttons on his coat – imagine undoing them in a hurry. Stuart drew the shape of the island, Ryan sponge painted it, Azim found the images, cabin girl Sam drew and painted the treasure chest, cabin boy Sam sponge painted the sea (he was busy!) and Frannie helped paint the parrot.

What an effort by all the staff and students and I wonder what RLS himself would have thought of it; surely he would have been pleased.


Many thanks one and all for making it one of the most colourful birthday parties that I can ever remember going to.

Happy birthday Robert Louis Stevenson 2014.

Oct 15

Charity Events at the Beaufort

The Beaufort Arms hosted two charity events recently on successive Sundays, the Hogweed Trotter’s annual “Kilcott Experience” and the Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury’s walk “Along the Edge”.

Dave and Lin Morgan starred with the formers BBQ and Dave, Audrey and Marlene with the latter (one of the pics shows Dave and Marlene in action with organiser John Wells).

Thanks to the generosity of the participants and pub regulars – including our local Hash – £250 was raised for PROPS and £70 for Rotary’s ‘End Polio Now’ campaign.

Huge thanks to one and all.


Jun 01

Coming Soon .. June 2014 ….

Coming soon, “Treasure Island aboard the Matthew” – the grand finale of the Long John Silver Trust’s  Big Green Treasure Hunt on the final day of Bristol’s Big Green Week 2014 – Sunday 22nd June 2014.

If you fancy a dramatic voyage around Bristol’s historic Floating Harbour brought to you by the LJST’s cut-throat crew, here’s your big chance.

A faithful adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, Treasure Island.

Tickets available at the Matthew box office on

Jan 06

Let’s Get Quizzical – Charity Quiz Night

Beauty and the Beasts

??   Let’s Get Quizzical   ??

8pm at the Beaufort on Friday 17th January 2014

A little teasing for your brain mixed in with some fun prize rounds of
“Sit Down! Bingo”, “Name the Year” and supper.

A suitably silly start to your weekend whilst raising funds for our great charities

£5 a head, Call Dave Anderson on 238799 to book tickets or just turn up on the night

Dec 22

PROPS Annual Skittles 2013

PROPS, our friends from Fishponds made it up to the pub on Friday for their annual Christmas game of skittles and we had a real hoot.

Highlight of the lunchtime session was the handing over to PROPS of £54 from Hawkesbury Gardening Club, the money generated from THEIR Christmas skittle match earlier in the month.

The picture with Jamie, Bianca and Assim in front of our tree has our heroes with the loot in their hands, the other pics show us pulling crackers and wearing hats.

PROPS Xmas 3PROPS Xmas 1PROPS Xmas 2

Nov 19

Grand Appeal Total

The Grand Total for our Gromit fund raising has been boosted by a brilliant £2400 raised by the Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury for their ‘Along the Edge with Gromit‘ event.

This means that our total raised is £7450 and many, many thanks to all who contributed, great and small. A memorable amount from a memorable summer.

Along the Edge‘ organisers John and Barry accompanied me to the Children’s Hospital to handover the cheque to Sarah Vipond of the Unleashed team. We had hoped the leader of our BBQ teams could have been with us for the handover but it wasn’t to be – more news on Lady Hyacinth in our next blog.

In the meantime please enjoy the accompanying pictures showing me (wearing my 19 years old Christmas Beaufort jumper), Barry, John and Sarah along with our letter and certificate.

Click image to enlarge ….

Nov 14

Kilcott Experience 2013

Our final fund raiser of 2013 was for our dear friends at PROPS and it involved us teaming up once again with the Hogweed Trotters for their annual ‘Kilcott Experience’.

The event was smaller this year but we still managed to raise £154.50p for PROPS – just over £120 from the BBQ (funded by the Beaufort) with the balance from the raffle (prizes donated by the Hogweeds [mostly] and the Long John Silver Trust).

Many, many thanks to the Hogweeds and most of all Lady Hyacinth and the rest of our BBQ team, I did manage to get a thank you in to everyone at the end but here’s another just in case.

This year the proceeds went directly into an inclusive project PROPS have been working on for some while at Tormarton – producing logs and kindling.

The team needed a new concrete plinth for wheel chair access and the funds went to that, please see pictures below.

PROPS are having a bit of a supply problem at the moment as they can’t cut them quick enough, but if you’re interested they’re £4 a bag and £7.50p for a box of kindling. Enquiries via PROPS from their web site –

Great stuff one and all!
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Oct 19

Harmony Gromit’s Update

Having Harmony Gromit with us triggered a lot of generosity from all of our friends and especially Harmony’s artist, Marie Simpson.

The first pressie we received was a lovely plush Gromit from Mary and this was swiftly followed by a knitted version from Maggie – both very touching in their own way.

On top of this, Marie then very kindly painted us our own Harmony to get over the disappointment of not being able to buy him at auction, this we’re sharing with Hawkesbury’s Rainbow’s.

All of these will now be treasured along with Dilly’s donation bucket which we accidentally purloined after writing Gromit on it with a permanent marker.

Anyhoo, many thanks one and all, superb souvenirs from one of the best things we’ve ever been involved with.

Incidentally, regarding the money the Beaufort has helped raise for Bristol’s Children’s Hospital, thanks to Chipping Sodbury Rotary’s ‘Along the Edge with Gromit’ sponsored walk, our figure now stands at an amazing £6,000 plus, with a few more pounds to come in.

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