Nov 21

Sad News of our Champion Fund Raiser – Vera

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of one of our greatest, if not the greatest, of our noble band of fund raisers, that of Vera Bright, sometimes known as ‘Vee’, ‘Mrs Brightness’ or just plain old ‘Lady Hyacinth’.

I can’t remember when Vera wasn’t doing her bit for the Beaufort and helping out with all of our fundraising activities, BBQ’s for PROPS, LJST, HOGS and a host of others along with the masses of produce she made, not just for our Harvest Home but also those for the Evergreens and the Fox and Hounds, Active Turmoil.

Her ploughmans and bread-and-butter puddings were legendary and always raised a mint.

Vera was always the life and soul of the party and the Beaufort couldn’t have been more pleased than when she eloped with Mr Brightness to form their happy union – comedian Johnnie Cowlin couldn’t get over it either.

Always game for a laugh, modesty prevents me from saying what she was going to do with cricketer ‘Syd’ Lawrence and she knew lots of other celebrities as well. She also had a soft spot for the Ghurka’s (“I like those little men”) and helped raise money for them, Frenchay Cardiac Support Group and a host of others.

Even though poorly she carried on helping others right to the end, God Bless Vera, to say we’ll miss you is an understatement.

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Nov 19

Grand Appeal Total

The Grand Total for our Gromit fund raising has been boosted by a brilliant £2400 raised by the Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury for their ‘Along the Edge with Gromit‘ event.

This means that our total raised is £7450 and many, many thanks to all who contributed, great and small. A memorable amount from a memorable summer.

Along the Edge‘ organisers John and Barry accompanied me to the Children’s Hospital to handover the cheque to Sarah Vipond of the Unleashed team. We had hoped the leader of our BBQ teams could have been with us for the handover but it wasn’t to be – more news on Lady Hyacinth in our next blog.

In the meantime please enjoy the accompanying pictures showing me (wearing my 19 years old Christmas Beaufort jumper), Barry, John and Sarah along with our letter and certificate.

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Nov 14

Kilcott Experience 2013

Our final fund raiser of 2013 was for our dear friends at PROPS and it involved us teaming up once again with the Hogweed Trotters for their annual ‘Kilcott Experience’.

The event was smaller this year but we still managed to raise £154.50p for PROPS – just over £120 from the BBQ (funded by the Beaufort) with the balance from the raffle (prizes donated by the Hogweeds [mostly] and the Long John Silver Trust).

Many, many thanks to the Hogweeds and most of all Lady Hyacinth and the rest of our BBQ team, I did manage to get a thank you in to everyone at the end but here’s another just in case.

This year the proceeds went directly into an inclusive project PROPS have been working on for some while at Tormarton – producing logs and kindling.

The team needed a new concrete plinth for wheel chair access and the funds went to that, please see pictures below.

PROPS are having a bit of a supply problem at the moment as they can’t cut them quick enough, but if you’re interested they’re £4 a bag and £7.50p for a box of kindling. Enquiries via PROPS from their web site –

Great stuff one and all!
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