Harmony Gromit’s Update

Having Harmony Gromit with us triggered a lot of generosity from all of our friends and especially Harmony’s artist, Marie Simpson.

The first pressie we received was a lovely plush Gromit from Mary and this was swiftly followed by a knitted version from Maggie – both very touching in their own way.

On top of this, Marie then very kindly painted us our own Harmony to get over the disappointment of not being able to buy him at auction, this we’re sharing with Hawkesbury’s Rainbow’s.

All of these will now be treasured along with Dilly’s donation bucket which we accidentally purloined after writing Gromit on it with a permanent marker.

Anyhoo, many thanks one and all, superb souvenirs from one of the best things we’ve ever been involved with.

Incidentally, regarding the money the Beaufort has helped raise for Bristol’s Children’s Hospital, thanks to Chipping Sodbury Rotary’s ‘Along the Edge with Gromit’ sponsored walk, our figure now stands at an amazing £6,000 plus, with a few more pounds to come in.

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