Gromit Unleashed Trail – Grand Auction

Gromit-CutoutLast evening (3rd October 2013) saw the culmination of the Gromit Unleashed Trail with a Grand Auction at the Mall in Cribbs Causeway. 

Myself and Fiona represented the Beaufort and we were delighted to meet (and accompany) Harmony Gromit’s artist Marie Simpson. The venue was packed but still Nick Park (Gromit’s creator as if you didn’t know) made time for everyone and auctioneer Tim Wonacott was on top form.

Harmony had made so many people in Hawkesbury happy we were determined to try and get him (her?) back to stay with us in the pub.

Our little orphan  was lot 46 and we bided our time, the lowest price up until then was £16k and we crossed our fingers that Harmony might stay within our grasp.

Lot 45 was ‘Watch out Gromit’ by Gerald Scarfe (one of my favourites) and it fetched £50k and my heart was pounding when Tim turned to ours.

He kindly let me open the bidding but within seconds my bid was swamped by internet bids, £13k, £16, £20k and before we knew where we were, £23k and sold…. Not to us. Deflated we carried on watching the event with Tim, and the Gromits, in sparkling form.

A massive £2.357,000.00p was made for Bristol’s Children’s Hospital and huge thanks must go to all the people involved, but most of all Nick Park, Peter Lord, Dave Sproxton and all of the other artists involved. I don’t think they can begin to imagine the great joy these pooches have brought to everyone.
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