Gromit Auction Latest

Hawkesbury’s Rainbows have been busy doing their Guiding Gromit badge by doing various events and activities centred around our own Harmony Gromit.

Last week they did a Jumble Sale in aid of the Grand Appeal for Bristol’s Children’s Hospital and last night they made biscuits, designed their own Gromit and did a ‘find and seek Gromit’ – pictures of Harmony were spread around their meeting place and they had to find two each (they were allowed to keep one of them).

They kindly sent me one of the Gromit biscuits (please see below) and gave my wife Fiona, ‘Badger’ to the Rainbows, a special little envelope containing assorted good luck tokens for when we go to bid for Harmony tonight at the ‘Gromit Unleashed Auction’ at the Mall in Cribbs Causeway.

Girls, we’ll do our best and many thanks for everything.Good luck Gromit biscuit 001

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