Radio Bristol’s Steve Yabsley and Daughter Lizzie Say Goodbye to Gromit

Harmony Gromit gets a visit, before his sad departure, from Radio Bristol’s Steve Yabsley along with ace Gromit Trail blazer, his daughter Lizzie.


On Gromit’s last Friday with us (6th Sept 2013) Steve visited us with his family, a cameraman and a singer – not to cover the meal he had just had with us but to film his latest song “Crack Open the Booze” for You Tube.

The Beaufort became chaotic as Steve led his merry band around the pub with lead singer Dave Rogers (of 1st Take Videos fame) and cameraman Chris getting assorted customers to join in the fun.

Most affected were Marilyn and her colleagues from Sodbury and District Tangent Club who hitherto were enjoying an innocent game of skittles when in burst the carousers with Dave hugging and ‘rough kissing’ all and sundry. They then made their way around the rest of the pub, just about including everyone in their merriment.

Dave did such a good job of making people happy that there wasn’t a murmur of complaint and we’re all looking forward to the video, secretly hoping that Steve will let us view the World Premier of his drinking song in the very pub where the action took place.

We’re also hoping “Crack Open the Booze” will be a huge success, the last celebrity to perform in our Skittle Alley was Jack Whitehall and look what’s happened to him…

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