Successful Annual Harvest Home Auction 2012

“Saturday September the 8th saw our umpteenth Annual Harvest Home in aid of Hawkesbury Upton’s Senior Citizens Fund.

For those of you new to the village or unsure what a ‘Harvest Home Auction’ is, it’s a chance to sell off home-grown produce and unwanted items to raise funds for a good cause whilst having a bit of fun.

Tony ‘Wilky’ Wilkins

For donkey’s years our auctioneer has been the world famous Tony ‘Wilky’ Wilkins who has done a sterling job but of late has been a bit poorly so this year we were grateful to Active Turmoil’s (Acton Turville’s) tremendous Terry Tripp, who did a grand job keeping all amused and rattling through the auction lots.

The lots come from a huge range of really generous people who donate anything from shallots to stuffed toys. Josie and Keith donated a bear so big it could hardly get out the pub doors (taking half a dozen pub glasses with it!) and that on top of her lovely pasties and cream teas – not to mention Keith’s prize winning veg.

Lady Hyacinth (who also has been a bit under the weather of late) still starred with her ploughman’s; Dave and Ann did also with their specialities (Ann’s knitted toys are still a marvel); Brian; the nice lady from on the common and a whole host of others too numerous to mention – one of whom baked a superb Harvest loaf.

Thanks once again to the wonderful generosity of the Beaufort’s customers who raised over £690. We appreciate that the current financial climate is a difficult one and it is heartening to see so many people contribute and benefit others. There are many worthwhile fund raising events in the village but if you have not come along to one of the auctions before it would be great to see you and join in the fun next year.

Finally a quick note on the Senior Citizens Fund. This is perhaps not as glamorous as the host of other good causes that there are in the village but it is worth supporting – in a small way recognizing the older folks who have experienced and given so much themselves.

The Beaufort’s Harvest Home is the last surviving major fund raiser for the fund. It was once a poor second to Prim’s brilliant annual get together in the Post Office gardens but these are now over and the current main contributors are the Buffs, Mick’s ‘prediction’ games and summer skittles and the Legion, the latter still meeting in the Beaufort every 3rd Monday of the month throughout the winter. Why not take part or join in?”

Mark and Fiona

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